How to and not to Apply the Law of Attraction Within Our Lives

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How to and not to Apply the Law of Attraction Within Our Lives

Quite often, many of us miss out on so many amazing opportunities...We make excuses like, "It will be too hard," or "It's not the right time". In reality though, everything that makes life easy is difficult at first. It's kind of a paradox when we consider that the harder it is, the easier it is. Even though this may seem strange or even mildly comedic, it still remains true. The reason for this is due to the fact that when it's hard, people often don't believe in themselves and therefore don't even try to start, but then again, there is less to compete with and that very reason is exactly why it's easy
. We just have to attract what we want to manifest by believing in ourselves, our vision, and taking action. More on that later!

Also check out JP Sears video on the Law of Attraction for a forewarning on the potential dark side of ego death. With a full understanding, we can hopefully avoid these undesired and negative attributes. In our opinion, we feel that this video alongside our blog will provide the best opportunity to acquire a well rounded understanding on the subject and both how we should and shouldn't apply these principles within our lives.

No matter where we are on our journey through the physical and the metaphysical, we can always do something to actively work towards our goals. 
Whether it's a trip to a new place, an interview for a dream job, deciding to start a business, or choosing to live life on the road, all of these require action and a little motivation.

      Usually getting motivated is simple. The hard part is keeping that motivation, especially when we hold unrealistic expectations about the amount of time and effort it will take. We should be honest with ourselves and meditate on the subject. We must learn to manifest motivation from within, for motivation is like the initial spark that lights the fire, staying consistent with the vision is like the oil that keeps the fire burning, and the fire is the passion that further drives the motivation. Without consistency towards the vision...there is little passion and the fire will eventually die out.

      Everything occurs in steps and usually slowly. If we go into it understanding that it may take a long time, we will be ready. If we are not ready, we will feel that our efforts are in vain and that no progress has taken place. However, when we realize that it's all within our mind and how we perceive it, we will know how to overcome the obstacles and have the drive to make life an action packed, adrenaline-overloaded, romance-rich, and journey-filled adventure. We must learn to utilize this. Luckily there are many before us who have mastered this and have preserved this understanding through text. It has been referred to as "The Law of Attraction" by many within the spiritual community. The law can be a wonderful and powerful tool to acquire the mentality that it will take to manifest a better reality for all living things that inhabit this beautiful world.

      The Law of Attraction is amazing when understood and utilized properly but due to a lack of understanding, has drastically done more harm than good. We must understand how the law works. We think it. We attract the desire for it. We are driven by that desire and act upon it. If we keep the object, whether concrete or abstract, in our mind's eye, followed by action, then it is not a question of if the result will happen...but when it will happen. However, we must not let ego delude or mislead us either! We don't want to attract the wrong things with the wrong intention. It is a balancing act just the same as the rest of life.  With relentless drive towards the goal we envision, it is impossible for it not to become manifest. Believe in yourself, but remain humble.

A wise man once said "Be like Nike. Just do it"

- Andrew Holm


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