The Ego's Perceived Danger: Identities Tied to a Cause

The Ego's Perceived Danger: Identities Tied to a Cause

Recently in the world's heated and polarized social environment, we have found ourselves blessed with an abundance of the unfortunate privilege to take part in a slew of divisive arguments. We don't really want to take part because we know it will solve nothing in the end. It may make tensions worse though, yet our delusional ego convinces us it can change it, so of course we take part anyways. Inevitably, someone is offended by what is said. The next day, rumors begin to fly. This can be infuriating at times, especially when someone is maliciously attacking our reputation just because they were proven "wrong". Everyone begins to fabricate stories and friendships begin to fall apart...but my question that I wondered for so long to myself, how much of that is fabrication versus how much of it is actually true?

What does almost everyone do in this situation? Of course, they defend themselves from the accusation. Often, it's because our ego feels that it has been challenged, therefore it needs to bring out the guns and prepare itself for war. What we are truly trying to hide from the other person and most likely ourselves as well, is that we fear that what they are saying may actually be true. Think about it. Suppose someone has criticized you or your values for something you are completely confident about and know for a fact is not true about yourself and those values, would you be mad? No, because there is not one single ounce of you that is buying into its validity. Or suppose a small child challenges you to a fist fight. Is there any part of you that would consider for the tiniest second to fight back? Absolutely not.


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