Halo LED Hula Hoop - Over 300 programmable effects

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Light up the night with Simplee Hippie's most advanced hula hoop: the Halo LED Hula Hoop! Our Halo Hoop is packed with 80 vibrant points of light and tons of luminous effects, making it one of the best hoops on the market. Whether you are new to flow arts or a seasoned vet, we know you  will love our Halo Hoop.

Never feel limited with what you can do! With over 300 lighting and strobing effects, you will be able to personalize your flow experience and performance to fit your preference.  You can adjust the strobe speed and lighting effects with the remote control that is included with your Halo LED Hula Hoop.

The Halo Hoop includes a convenient, easy-access USB port. Simply plug right in to any USB outlet for a quick recharge!

80 super bright LED lights!
Strobe and lighting effects can be programmed with ease using the programming remote. (included)
Made with HDPE High Density Polyethylene
Hoop Circumference: 950 mm. / 37.4 inches
Net Weight: 355 grams / 12.5 ounces