Labradorite Pipe

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 A flashy pipe carved from pure labradorite. Thanks to the properties of this stone, you will have a pipe that captures and reflects light in beautiful shades of purple, blue, green and even an occasional orange and red. Basically, your pipe has subtle, rainbow like qualities, thanks to the amazing labradorite stone! Labradorite is believed by many spiritual practitioners to aid in opening chakra centers, especially those related to the third eye. Regardless of what one may believe, it's hard to deny that labradorite is a beautiful and amazing stone. Now you can have your own pipe professionally cut from this metallic beauty! 

All of our pipes are hand cut by qualified and professional hippies with a perfectionist mind set. Buy yours straight from the source and avoid the extra fee from the head shops!

  • length 110mm-120mm
  • every piece is similar in design but still unique as no two stones are exactly the same.