Glass Pocket Blunt

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  • This awesome glass piece is perfect for those who love to chill. It's easy to carry, simple to use and looks great with its low profile design.

  • No papers or leaves necessary. Just load the tobacco and light up.

  • Smoke with convenience, without having to roll constantly or over pay for pre-packed tobacco. Any true smoker will love and appreciate this device. That means you will love it too. Guaranteed. We have a 100% seller approval rating to back it :) If you are not satisfied, no problem. We accept all refunds for the first 30 days on all of our products as long as the product is still in the new condition that we sent it to you in.
  • A unique smoking device that is perfect for music festivals, road trips, camping, or just a social smoke with friends.
Comes with:
1x cleaning brush
1x spare silicone ring
1x display box

6-Colors-Mini-Twisty-Glass-Blunt-Smoking-Pipe-Grinder-Weed-Accessories-Tobacco-Weed-Pipe-FREE-Cleaning (1)6-Colors-Mini-Twisty-Glass-Blunt-Smoking-Pipe-Grinder-Weed-Accessories-Tobacco-Weed-Pipe-FREE-Cleaning (2)6-Colors-Mini-Twisty-Glass-Blunt-Smoking-Pipe-Grinder-Weed-Accessories-Tobacco-Weed-Pipe-FREE-Cleaning (3)6-Colors-Mini-Twisty-Glass-Blunt-Smoking-Pipe-Grinder-Weed-Accessories-Tobacco-Weed-Pipe-FREE-Cleaning (4)6-Colors-Mini-Twisty-Glass-Blunt-Smoking-Pipe-Grinder-Weed-Accessories-Tobacco-Weed-Pipe-FREE-Cleaning

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