About Us

Welcome to Simplee Hippie! We wanna bring the best ideas, people, products, and events to you. We are here to help everyone live life to the fullest. That is our dream; Our mission; Spreading the Love!

We believe that everyone is a little hippie at heart! It is the inner child we all possess within, desiring to express itself freely; unbound by social constraints and limitations. It is the will to travel the world, to experience new things, to express, to dance and flow, and even to chill for a moment and forget about time, just to experience the present. 

Simply Hippie - Simplee Hippie camping

Simplee Hippie™ was born January 7th, 2018 with the simple idea of helping people find their inner hippie. For this reason, we started selling and trading amazing handmade jewelry, vibrant LED flow toys, and novel collectibles that we have personally loved and felt that others would too! While still being a humble and small company, we have grown to be a store that provides amazing products domestically and internationally, to over 100 new customers each month, at no additional cost to anyone, no matter where they live! 

When you visit Simplee Hippie, you visit the home of people who care. We love and accept everyone, unconditionally. Whether you are here to buy a gift for a friend, to engage in a few blogs, or to just shop a few of our collections, you can always know we appreciate you, your time, and your support.

We also love to work with fellow adventurers, ravers, and festival goers, so if you ever feel the same, be sure to add us on Facebook!