We are Simply Hippie

Hello and welcome! We pride ourselves in crafting awesome handmade products for your laid back, yet adventurous lifestyle! We are here to help make life simple for the hippie and rave community, by offering exciting and new products for the modern day hippie lifestyle. You can count on us to bring you the very best handmade jewelry, trippy apparel, and rave toys on the market, at the lowest prices possible. We keep that simple vibe homie, because we are not just simply hippie, we are Simplee Hippie.

Feel free to check out our Shop section for a quick view of our entire catalog. You will also find subsections for jewelry, apparel, and trippy glasses within the shop section. You can check out our Hippie Supply section for things like flow toys, pipes, grinders, and home decor. If you just want to get to know our store a little bit better first, our Homepage and our About Us are great places to start!

Imitators beware!!!

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