What are LED Orbits?

An LED Orbit is the term used for a series of LED diodes that are arranged within a circular pattern and affixed together. These LEDs are then strung with 2 strings, inversely tied, to create 4 individual strings that wind-up to create torque when spun. The user must maintain tension when spinning to propel the LEDs into “Orbit”. “Orbit” is achieved when the centrifugal force of the spinning LEDs is paired with tension and torsion to keep the orbit spinning magically and creates a vibrant array of light trails.

The art of orbiting is an interactive style of dance popular in the rave and EDM flow arts community that focuses on a visual performance using a series of LEDs attached to strings. It is generally free-form and applies a variety of concepts that utilize geometric principles to make it more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.  Orbiting is extremely popular at EDM festivals and nightclub events, and over the last decade has grown significantly around the globe, especially within rave culture.

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