Wormhole Kaleidoscope Glasses

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  • Real Glass Crystals
  • Hand Polished Frame
  • Rainbow Lenses
  • Intense Kaleidoscopic Effect with Clear Center
  • Free Microfiber Cleaning Case Included
  • Brand: GloFX
  • Handcrafted in the USA
    Careful or you’ll get hooked on our GloFX Rainbow Wormhole Kaleidoscope Glasses! These trippy glasses feature a clear center that allows more clarity of your vision while still over-stimulating your peripheral vision. By adding the full spectrum of rainbow colors to these lenses, the user is left with a reality that has been enhanced and brightened by our unique prismatic lenses. Additional clarity through the clear wormholes allows for the freedom of movement and visual adventures. Put on these Kaleidoscope Glasses and step through a portal into another world.

    These Kaleidoscope Glasses are all hand crafted with a sleek frame to compliment your hippie swag. Each set houses a unique pair of glass crystals that will push the limits of reality and send your mind spinning through space. Our original frames feature steel hinges and a glossy coating. 

    From the ground up, these luxurious glasses are intricately designed and constructed in Florida, USA. Each frame is hand polished and paired with carefully selected glass crystals. Our crystals are made from high-grade optical glass and produced for maximum light transmission. You will not find a finer pair of Kaleidoscope Glasses on the market today.

    Note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, there may be slight variations in the uniformity of fuming, lens depth, and craftsmanship.

    Rainbow Wormhole Visual Effect: