Enigma Zip Up Hoodie

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Simple yet Sophisticated. That was what we were going for when we made the design for your Enigma Zip Up Hoodie. It's not a plain hoodie, nor is it an overly colorful, and annoying hoodie. It is a perfect representation of modern and contemporary 2018 design. A perfect fade of blues and greens with varying degrees of saturation gives you an intriguing foundation. Over that, we placed fine print tattoo like artwork blended with modern 3D graphic design onto our high quality cut and sew 100% cotton jacket. With top quality 3D printing, there is no lack of detail. We took advantage of this by adding tons of art work into a small space. Fashionable, Clean Design Showcase your artistic taste. Become the enigma.

This product is hand made and made on-demand. Expect delivery to US in 11-23 business days (international 14-33 business days).

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Overall Length 27.5 27.9 28.4 28.7 29 29.4 29.9 30.3 30.7
Width 21.3 22 22.8 23.6 24.4 25.2 26 26.8 27.6
Sleeve Length 22.8 23.6 24 24.4 24.8 25.2 25.6 26 26.4