Flip Diffraction Glasses - Vintage Round

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  • Vintage-Style Round Flip-Up Frame
  • Auburn Enhanced Base Lenses (no diffraction)
  • Flip-Down Silver Mirror Diffraction Lenses
  • Metal Crossbar Frame
  • Three Times the Diffraction of Competitors
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship
  • Classic Vintage Look
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • GloFX brand

These vintage diffraction glasses will help you look stylish, while providing that sick GloFX visual effect! Get trippy!.. Or not. These rave glasses offer you the choice of diffraction when flipped down, or regular sunglass lenses when flipped up.  The base lenses are auburn enhanced and fitted in a cross bar style vintage circular frame.  This classic design features a true metal frame, just like they made in the 70’s!  The flip-down round lenses feature a reflective silver mirror finish and epic rainbow prism effect.  These are the perfect trippy glasses for the hippie raver who wants to be able to create an outstanding visual effect with the flick of their wrist! 

With a retro circular frame, these glasses will bring out your inner hippy, while you get trippy at your next music festival! This is an all out design complete with soft rubber ear guards, an adjustable plastic nose bridge, and the fresh GloFX logo printed on the flip lens. These lenses are the perfect combination of the practicality of sunglasses, with the stunning visuals of rave shades!  And as with all of our GloFX rave diffraction glasses, these glasses come with a Lifetime Warranty.