GloFX Programmable LED Poi Balls: 9-Mode

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GloFX Programmable LED Poi Balls: 9-Mode

GloFX Programmable LED Poi Balls provide endless possibilities for poi spinners of all levels and ages! Create unique light patterns in the night sky when you spin these beautifully engineered Poi Balls. Grab your set, customize your glow, and start blowing minds!

  • Set of TWO 9-Mode LED Poi Balls
  • 35 Stunning Programmable Colors
  • 9 Flashing & Ribbon Mode Options
  • Extra Soft PVC Plastic
  • Heavy Duty Swivel for Controlled Spinning
  • Strong Double Loop Handles
  • Easy-to-Use One Button Design
  • User Guide Included

Unleash the Possibilities

Customize your light show with a click of a button! GloFX Programmable LED Poi Balls provide you with 35 color options and nine unique modes to choose from. Select any 1, 2, or 3 colors to create a pattern all your own. The onboard memory allows the LEDs found in the poi to “save” your favorite color pattern without fear of it being lost… even if the batteries are removed!

Perfect Spin for Everyone

GloFX Programmable LED Poi Balls are made with extra soft PVC plastic, making them very safe on contact and perfect for all users – kids, adults, beginners or experts. With strong handles and swivel, GloFX Poi is easy to control and perform tricks with.

Powerfully Bright LEDs

GloFX Programmable Poi is built with our best, super-bright LEDs, providing ultimate visibility in any environment. Each LED has onboard memory, allowing you to save your favorite color pattern, and will last you through the night. Stand out in the crowd and be the light show.