Space Whip Remix Glocap by GloFX

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GloFX x UFObjects Remix GloCap

  • 3-D Printed; Developed With UFObjects
  • Extremely Bright; Vibrant LED – Brightest End Cap Available!
  • Powered by the GloFX Intelligent Lux 2.0 Microlight – 1,000,000+ Color Combinations
  • Ultra Sleek & Soft Design – Easy & Quick Attachment
  • (2) CR1616 Batteries & Programming Guide Included
  • Compatible With WhipGripz – Not compatible with Single Loop or Double Loop Handle

Experience the NEWEST level of Space Whip technology with the Remix GloCap! In partnership with UFObjects, this semi-translucent, 3-D printed end cap is perfect for customizing your Space Whip Remix. Embedded in this ultra-sleek Remix GloCap is our Gel LED Microlight, guaranteed to give a fantastic flow art experience. The ergonomic GloCap fits perfectly under the Space Whip foam grip and programs separately from your Space Whip Remix! Witness dazzling displays with an added light flare for flow whippers! This end cap is a perfect addition to your Space Whip for an enhanced experience and is great for users new to programming their whip.

Note: If you remove the microlight from the cap, ensure the button on the microlight is facing towards the designated area in the cap when replacing to click and customize your lights

Powered By Lux 2.0

1 Million+ Color Options.  Onboard Memory.  Super-Long Battery Life.

Powered by a custom microchip that features onboard memory, this is the most advanced chip that our engineers have ever developed. The Lux Chip allows the user to select their own custom color scheme from over 1,000,000 color combinations and variations. Select your favorite colors and enjoy nine versatile mode patterns. Or find your perfect mode, and convert your chip to one mode only.  The onboard memory allows the LEDs found in the glove set to “save” your favorite color pattern without fear of it being lost…even if the batteries are removed! Immediately return to your favorite setting with just one click. We’ve created an LED that emits incredible amounts of light, but still lasts. Even if you have your whip running non-stop on any mode, our LEDs remain lit for over ten hours!

Lux Microchip Features:

  • 34 Vibrant Colors + Blank
  • 9 Display Modes
  • Turns Off In .4 Second
  • Brightness Control
  • Battery Drain Protection
  • Chip Lock
  • Default Colors: Blue, White, Green