Glow Worm Fluorescent Pipe Bracelet

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Simplee Hippie's Glow Worm Pipe Bracelet

Meet the Glow Worm; the Pipe Bracelet that is not only luminous and black-light reactive, but also is super convenient and useful in so many situations! The Glow Worm Pipe Bracelet is similar to our Paracord Pipe Bracelet in that it provides convenience when you need to sneak in a quick toke, except of course, the key difference being that the bracelet is made with highly reflective, black-light reactive, fluorescent paracord, and a hint of sparkles!

The Glow Worm Pipe Bracelet: The Original Holographic Pipe Bracelet

The Glow Worm Pipe Bracelet is the one-of-a-kind holographic pipe bracelet! Each bracelet is handmade by professional hippies using the most fluorescent paracord and the highest quality material on the market. For this reason, we are positive you will thoroughly enjoy the aesthetic pleasure, and physical relaxation this pipe will bring you!

One Less Thing to Keep up With

Since you can wear it on your wrist, this pipe is super convenient for use, easy to keep up with, and most importantly, it maintains a low-profile, in the sense that it looks like a paracord bracelet; making it ideal for social situations and nights out with friends. Whenever you find yourself going to an awesome rave, party, or music festival, just remember to take your incognito Glow Worm Pipe Bracelet with you!

We inspect each pipe bracelet for superior quality and craftsmanship, and guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason, you believe your bracelet is not of superior quality, simply exchange it for another one or return it for a refund.