Hermes - Accordion Gravity Pipe 2.0

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Featuring Hermes, our newest accordion gravity pipe. This is the hands down best waterless gravity pipe yet! The Hermes is inspired by our previous Accordion Style Gravity Pipe, but with some awesome new features! 

Air tight gravity pipe

The Hermes - Accordion Gravity Pipe 2.0 comes with an upgraded, more durable bellow. The pull is gradual and the seal is hermetic (That's why we call it Hermes), providing you with superior quality and performance. 

Improved Functionality, Look and Feel

The Hermes gravity pipe parachutes well and provides more volume than the Bukket and other similar accordion style gravity pipes. This means you get bigger hits and more smoke than ever before. This piece will surely impress you and your homies, guaranteed.

No more metal bowls

Thanks to the acrylic stem, the bowl never gets too hot and packs more, all while maintaining a high impact resistance: essentially, it won't shatter like glass.

Our Hermes Accordion Gravity Pipe ships discreetly to you via EMS, in tandem with USPS. It can ship internationally within 1-3 weeks. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our shipping standards before purchase.