Hypno Levitation Wand

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GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand 

Get on that magical flow with the new GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand. Effortlessly create stunning illusions and awesome visual effects that will take your flow arts performance to the next level. With 27 super-bright LEDs, over 100 color modes, and numerous, customizable speeds and brightnesses, you’re sure to jazz your friends, family, that fella in the tux, and even that snazzy dame in the yellow dress! Get to spinnin’, bouncin’, perchin’, and swirlin’ with the Hypno Levitation Wand today!


  • 27 Bright LEDs Visible from Every Angle
  • 100+ Beautifully Animated & Solid Color Modes 
  • Customizable Speed & Brightness Settings
  • Durable, Translucent Polycarbonate Tubing
  • Single Loop Handle with Secure, Adjustable O-Ring
  • User-Friendly Remote with Attachable GloFX Lanyard
  • USB Rechargeable with 2 – 3 Hours of Battery Life 
  • 3 Metal Washers for Balance Adjustment
  • Lifetime Warranty

Wand Specs:

  • 24.75″ Wand Length
  • .75″ Wand Diameter

Optional Accessories: 

  • (2) Additional Washers – 3 washers are included with the Hypno Levitation Wand, but get extras to help find the perfect weight and balance or in case you lose some! 
  • (12ft) Extra String – Restring to your wand with this extra string to practice long-string wand techniques. Or, get this as a replacement!


100+ Mesmerizing Modes

The Hypno Levitation Wand comes with an easy-to-use remote control. You can change 100+ color modes, the speeds that your colors will flash and change to, and the brightness of the LEDs. Not too picky? Just select the “auto” mode to cycle through all your options! The remote is small, portable, and even comes with a GloFX lanyard attached. Never worry about someone snatching your remote at a festival by keeping it looped to your person. 

Super Bright & Powerful LEDs

The Hypno Levitation Wand uses the best and brightest GloFX LEDs available, providing ultimate visibility from any angle. Choose from various scaling brightness levels within each color to perfect your light palette. With the LEDs strategically placed in a 13 to 14 alternating pattern, it’s impossible to miss a second of these mesmerizing light trails, even during the day! 

Dazzling Design

The Hypno Levitation Wand was created with visual aesthetics and optimal user experience in mind! The translucent polycarbonate tubing was designed to allow for the perfect balance, and the on/off button is low profile to give the wand that sleek, finished look, bringing any outfit a defining glow or any rave the best music flow. 

Stress-Tested Durability

The Hypno Levitation Wand is extremely durable and was stress-tested and perfected at GloFX Headquarters! Feel at ease when doing tricks like bouncing, spinning, and more! Because of the polycarbonate tubing, this wand is a unique combination of toughness and stability.

Supreme Balance & Control 

With levitation wands, balance is everything, so we made sure that the Hypno Levitation Wand was as balanced as it possibly could be. And with the handle’s adjustable O-Ring strap, rest assured that your levi wand will stay secured to your hand all night long. Want a little more weight? Add a washer or two! Flow freely with the weight that best suits you. 


Whether you’re a super wand flow pro or have never even picked up a wand, this is the wand for you! Its size is perfect for the most effortless flow and is short enough for the wand to avoid regular string bumps. 

Lifetime Warranty 

GloFX has spent years building and developing a reputation for quality, and we stand behind it. If you experience manufacturer’s defects to electrical components, send it back to us and we will have it fixed or replaced quickly for you.

What’s in the Box?

  • GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand
  • Remote Control with GloFX Lanyard
  • (3) Washers for Balance & Weight Adjustment
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Guide