Amethyst Key Necklace - 5x Rose Gold Vermeil

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 The Key to Life necklace is a talisman of luck, unlocking knowledge and liberation; a symbol of great responsibility. While holding the key, you have the power of opening and closing the doors of possibility in front of you. 

The crown of the key is ornamented with a carefully selected and set, flawless cut 6 x 4 mm amethyst crystal; believed to be a powerful  and meditative stone. This stone is used in many spiritual practices such as energy healing, the balancing and unblocking of the crown chakra, reiki, and is also used to aid with emotional and mental clarity and stability. However! the power lies within you. That's the real secret. It's all within your faith that makes it so, but you must first believe. This key may be used to unlock your faith and can be a beautiful and symbolic reminder to you of the journey so far and how far you have come. One love!

  • Metal type: 5x Rose Gold Vermeil over 925 Sterling Silver
  • Main stone; Amethyst : Side stone; CZ Diamond
  • Pendant size: 3 cm. * 1 cm. (1 in. = 2.54 cm.)

Limited quantity, we sell out often. Consider buying 2 or more.