Lotus Tranquility Flower - Crystal Glass

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The lotus flower represents purity and perfection. It remains untouched by the mud from which it is rooted and floats majestically on top of the water. In Chinese medicine, every part of the lotus plant, from roots to petals, has medicinal properties, thus making it a potent feng shui symbol for a healthy and harmonious home.

The Lotus Flower allows for better circulation of qi and life force within your living space, bringing a successful and harmonized balance in relationships with ones you love.

The Tranquility Flower is made from crystal glass, allowing for beautiful light refraction. Place your Flower in a sunny place and it will emit breathtaking color and reflections. The Lotus Flower creates an inviting and balanced energy for your room or office.

Choose the color that attracts you the most:

- Blue: aids in communication; promotes  feelings of honesty.

- Green: Representing the heart, it promotes feelings of peace, unconditional love, harmony, and relaxation.

- Yellow: Creates feelings of cheerfulness and confidence; a lively color that represents joy and intelligence, promotes energy and gentleness and fosters mental clarity.

- Red: transmits feelings of vitality, power, and self-confidence.

- Purple: promotes creativity, inspiration, and ambition.

- Pink: creates feelings of relaxation and reduces aggression; reduces our reliance on, and at times, our over-indulgence of external comforts.

- White / transparent: represents purity and innocence. It symbolizes nobility, refinement, and serenity. Providing light, it gives a feeling of freshness.

- Multicolor: conveys feelings of wholeness, honesty, and acceptance; Just like the rainbow, it represents the promise and preservation for all life.

  • Size: 85mm*50mm
  • Material: K1 Glass
  • Available in different colors: blue, green, yellow, transparent, purple, pink, red, colorful
Lotus Flower Glass Tranquility dimensions sizing