Metallic Rainbow Pipe with Sliding Bowl Cover - Portable Pocket Pipe

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  • Screen-less: This pipe needs no screens thank to the crafting and construction of the bowl.
  • Magnetic assembly: Easily disasembles for cleaning. When you are done, just pop it right back in place for a strong hold.
  • Made with kirksite, for a strong non-toxic metal, that will cool quickly, clean easy, and never rust/ corrode.
  • Comes with display box.

Simplee Hippie's Metallic Rainbow Pipe is the last pipe you will ever need! Thanks to the metal structure, our pipe will not only be indestructible, but also will disperse heat evenly throughout  for ease of use. The bowl has been carefully designed for a perfect combination of air and smoke, providing nice, full and smooth hits.  Includes a sliding bowl cover, to prevent spills and to add to the pipes portability. Wanna go hang out with friends and smoke but already have packed it? No worries, just slide the pipe right into your pocket. The pipe will rest comfortably, without bulging.

Buy one Metallic Rainbow Pipe, get the second one for 50% off! Applied automatically at checkout. 

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