Metallic Rainbow Pipe with Sliding Bowl Cover - Portable Pocket Pipe

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This beautiful Metallic Pipe is handy outdoors, at events, camping etc. It is sturdy and  clearly shatter resistant. Heat is evenly dispersed to keep the bowl from getting too hot and it even includes a bowl cover that conveniently slides over your bowl to keep the herbs from burning or to prevent the bowl you just packed from falling out while you walk over to your friends campsite at the next music festival ;)

  • We call it the portable pocket pipe. Why? It fits comfortably inside any pocket due to the even smooth and slightly flattened shape on top. 
  • Available in five beautiful colors: ice blue, silver, gold, rose gold, and black
  • An excellent gift for any smoker.


Shatterproof Construction

made with cast zinc electroplated with non-toxic finishes of silver, purple, black, gold or rose gold.


Screenless Tech Construction

Don't worry about a screen. Thanks to the bowl's construction, it acts as the perfect filter


Magnetic Assembly

Just pop it open and clean it with an alcohol wipe. 

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Brand Name:

Material: Metal
Model Number: 16-180
Product categories: pipe
The material: metal
color: Silver, ice blue, gun-metal, rose gold, gold