Paracord Pipe Bracelet

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Simplee Hippie's Paracord Pipe Bracelet

Unlike standard paracord survival bracelets, our bracelet doubles as a pipe too! The bracelet easily unscrews at the clasp, revealing a hidden bowl that is ready to pack. When you are done, simply screw it back together and keep on going. This is a great little bracelet for those that are out and about and just need to sneak in a quick session. You will also find our bracelet useful if you simply enjoy the convenience of knowing your pipe is on your wrist. One less thing to keep up with. Simplee Hippie's Paracord Pipe Bracelet is the perfect gift for all fans of the herb!

There are multiple scenarios where this bracelet is super convenient! Here are just a few

  • Music festivals
  • Camping
  • Road trips
  • Whenever you are out of the house and just want to relax!

    Vegan Leather Pipe Bracelets/ Anklets

    Paracord Pipe Bracelets

    Your Incognito Paracord Pipe Bracelet will ship via USPS and will arrive within 3-7 days from the time of shipment to all mainland US states.

    Please note! the black, red, and white color variants are not made with paracord but instead are made from pleather, also popularly referred to as vegan leather or faux leather.