Simplee Hippie's Super Bright LED Poi Balls: 6-Mode

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  • Ultra soft and bright glow poi
  • 6 programmable modes of light: solid-state; fast strobe; slow strobe; rainbow strobe; blink; pulse.
  • Fun for all ages.
  • 20in Fire resistant poi rope and handle.

    Dance and flow all night long with Simplee Hippie's Super Bright LED Poi Balls! The colors are bold and pronounced and can display in all colors of the rainbow. Rainbow strobe mode and pulse will show you the full spectrum with a well timed switch between lighting effects. You can also program your own color(s) in any of the other programmable modes. With some of the softest and brightest poi on the market, plus these amazing light modes, you will be able to perform confidently, without fear of hurting yourself with hard poi balls; all of these perks while melting the faces of onlookers with super LED awesomeness; What's not to love? These amazing and affordable poi are perfect for outdoor events, festivals, raves, rallies etc. Hell, you could even have hours of fun just in your back yard!

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